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Welcome to the new and improved Eye on ICON webspace!

We figured that every good podcast needs a good website, so that is exactly what we've set out to create for our listeners :) As you may well know, the Eye on ICON podcast goes around the ICON ecosystem and brings you all the latest news, chatter and alpha. With this website we hope to provide that little bit extra to the show


Find a large selection of all our latest episodes on the episode page! We've enables category selection for 'Interviews', 'Weekly News' and of course the recent 'Korea Blockchain Week' footage (courtesty of Mirai Media).

No need to go to YouTube, simply click 'Play' on your episode of choice and it will start playing up top.

Validator Node

"Bro, do you even validate?"

The answer is "Yes" and we've made voting for the Eye on ICON Validator Node easier than ever! Simply click that 'Connect Wallet' button to stake ICX and vote for Eye on ICON

"ICON is a delegated proof-of-stake (DPoS) network, which means a majority of stakeholders delegate their share of the network – in this case, ICX – to registered validators that produce blocks and participate in governance. ICON’s DPoS consensus lets non-technical stakeholders benefit from staking without having to set up a node or join a staking pool.

On ICON, ICX holders can stake and delegate ICX to validators – entities that have registered to participate in governing the ICON blockchain. This DPoS implementation offers the best of both worlds – stakers can passively earn rewards, while technical individuals that are actually interested in setting up infrastructure and governing ICON can do so." -


You're reading one of our blogs right now, and we hope it won't be the last one! Sometimes, one episode per week just doesn't cut it. Ideas flow all week and being able to expand on these through blogging might just be the perfect solution.

Show sponsors (s/o to the Omm Monks) may expect a little piece of real estate here and Fez might drop the occasional poëm from down under.


Share your thoughts, requests, questions and opinions with us through DM.

You can slide into our DMs by simply submitting the contact form on the website. We may be able to cover some of the best input on the Weekly News or ask our listeners for content every now and then.

Tools used for this website

Building a website is easy with the right tools and here's a list of the ones we used for

- Next.js (React Framework for Production)

- Tailwind CSS (Utility-first CSS Framework)

- Contentful (Content Management System or 'Modern Content Platform')

- Vercel (Next.js Deployment Tool)

- Sendgrid (Email API Service)


As always, thanks for listening, watching, subscribing and reading (to) the Eye on ICON content that we put out. We'll be doing out best to continue with the structural content delivery and occasional Eye on ICON banter and alpha!

By David

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