Eye on ICON validator partners with Blobble

The Eye on ICON validator has partnered with Blobble to support its upcoming launch.

What does this mean?

From now on, all validator rewards will be used to help Blobble get established.

Thanks to Blobble's innovative BST token, the platform doesn't need to worry about liquidity:

  • bnUSD is used to mint BST

  • BST is used to redeem bnUSD

This means the validator rewards will be used to mint BST and distributed back to our voters!

By voting for Eye on ICON, you can earn up to 90%* of our validator's rewards, paid out in BST.

There will be a gamification component to this for you to qualify for 90% of our validators rewards, Blobble is a game after all.

Don't worry, BST isn't a random worthless token; it will be redeemable for a starting price of $1 bnUSD.

The more someone mints or redeems, the price of BST increases.

Over the next couple of weeks, we will be publishing a series of articles that break down the world of Blobble and explain how everything works.

We are excited, as we believe Blobble is the perfect game that offers real yield rewards for users and will generate transactions for the ICON network. Of course we're hoping that the amazing community comes along for the ride!

Start by following Blobble on Twitter here.

By Fez

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