Blobble World: All the Updates You Need

We're introducing a Blobble 'minimum wage', aimed at making it more attractive for new players to mint new Blobbles!

We're thrilled to bring you the latest updates on Blobble World, but let's start by quickly revisiting what makes this game so unique. Blobble is a Tamagotchi-style game where the care and love you shower upon your delightful pet Blobble pays off. Good Blobble parents reap rewards in the form of experience points, known as BST, which can be redeemed for a stablecoin, bnusd. As time progresses, BST only becomes more valuable in bnusd, a fact our loyal players greatly appreciate.

Neglected Blobbles end up in the orphanage, where other players can adopt them. We're proud to say that Blobbles in the orphanage find a new home in less than a minute! No Blobble is left uncared for, and older Blobbles, which yield more BST, are especially precious.

The Blobble World Population: A Quick Statistic

To date, we have welcomed 172 Blobbles into existence. New Blobbles cost $60 bnusd and offer an impressive APR of 80% - a truly phenomenal rate! Older Blobbles on the marketplace trade for around $100.

Adjustments and Improvements: An Introduction

Having touched on the game's progress, we would now like to discuss some adjustments we're making based on player feedback and our observations.

Eye on ICON Validator Rewards Distribution: A Change

Firstly, we're tweaking the Eye on ICON validator rewards distribution. At present, the distribution is:

  • EOI voters: 25%

  • Blobble owners: 25% (linear distribution)

  • iDoge owners: 10%

  • 16 Bit Fight Club: 5%

  • Bonders: 10%

  • Blobble Treasury: 15%

  • Team: 10%

The new distribution for the Eye on ICON validator will be:

  • EOI Voters: 25%

  • Blobble Treasury: 50%

  • 16 Bit Fight Club: 5%

  • Bonders: 10%

  • Team: 10%

This redistribution channels more funds into the Blobble treasury, which then gets distributed to Blobble and iDoge NFT holders.

Blobble Treasury Rewards Distribution: A Revision

Next, we're adjusting how the Blobble treasury distributes rewards to Blobble owners. Currently, 1% of the treasury gets distributed linearly based on Blobble number to happy Blobble owners, while 0.5% is divided evenly among iDoge NFT owners who also own a Blobble.

We're introducing a Blobble 'minimum wage', aimed at making it more attractive for new players to mint new Blobbles. The revised system will work as follows:

  • 1% still gets paid to Blobbles

  • Of that 1%, 70% gets distributed linearly based on Blobble number, and 30% is distributed evenly among all Blobbles

  • The distribution of 0.5% to iDoge NFT owners remains unchanged

This change maintains the daily payout from the treasury, but guarantees a set amount dedicated to all Blobbles based on the treasury's BST. This encourages the minting of new Blobbles, while ensuring older Blobbles remain a valuable acquisition, especially if they end up in the orphanage.

Join the Conversation: An Invitation

We're excited about these changes and hope you are too. If you have any questions or wish to learn more, feel free to join us on our Discord server here. We look forward to welcoming you into our community and engaging in more discussions about the future of Blobble World. We appreciate your unwavering support and participation in our game. Remember, together, we can ensure every Blobble finds a loving home.

Happy gaming, everyone!

By Fez

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